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A signature bloom box complete with red roses immaculately arranged in clear, square-shaped gift box. Packaged in a timeless and sophisticated style, our bloom boxes are the perfect complement to any celebration.


Size Dimension:

9 Roses 

L16cm x W16cm x D15.5cm


16 Roses 

L21cm x W21cm x D15.5cm


25 Roses

L26cm x W26cm x D15.5cm


36 Roses

 L31cm x W31cm x D15.5cm





The photo shown is for reference only. We will always use the freshest seasonal flowers available. 

Aqua Fairy Desire

Color: Red
    • Begin processing flowers as soon as you receive them.
    • Use a clean vase and quality water.
    • Add the fresh flower food provided.
    • Carefully remove foliage that will be under water in the container.
    • Re-cut stems with a sharp knife or floral cutters.
    • Always check the water daily and top it up.
    • Keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from extreme temperatures caused by radiators and air conditioning units.
    • Keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables as they produce a gas called ethylene.
    • Flowers displayed in a cool location will always last longer.
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