A signature happy graduation bouquet complete with mixature of premium sunflowers immaculately arranged in loose and natural style. The colour palette is a combination of soft peaches, orange, and different shades of yellow. Every arrangement is unique. These photos are examples of past 'Happy Graduation Bouquet' arrangements in Premium size - your actual arrangement will be designed using the freshest products available that day, and will likely look slightly different from the example images.Packaged in Korean style paper in soft cream tone color. 


Classic Dimension: 15 stems

Premium Dimension: 25 stems

Deluxe Dimension: 32 stems



The photo shown is for reference only. We will always use the freshest seasonal flowers available. 

Happy Graduation Bouquet

    • Begin processing flowers as soon as you receive them.
    • Use a clean vase and quality water.
    • Add the fresh flower food provided.
    • Carefully remove foliage that will be under water in the container.
    • Re-cut stems with a sharp knife or floral cutters.
    • Always check the water daily and top it up.
    • Keep them out of direct sunlight, and away from extreme temperatures caused by radiators and air conditioning units.
    • Keep flowers away from fruits and vegetables as they produce a gas called ethylene.
    • Flowers displayed in a cool location will always last longer.